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Thursday, April 24, 2014

PA Budget and Policy Center: Pennsylvania Taxpayers for Good Public Schools

From the PA Budget and Policy Center:

Get the Facts: Senate Bill Eliminating Property Taxes Largely Unchanged by Amendment

Get the Facts: Property Tax Schemes Jeopardize Good Schools

Campaign Principles and Statement of Support

Sign on to Pa. Taxpayers for Good Public Schools Campaign

Legislative proposals to eliminate property taxes in Pennsylvania have gained steam in the Legislature, posing a serious threat to stable, predictable education funding. Most of the proposals currently before the General Assembly do not address the primary issue with property taxes in Pennsylvania — that too few state dollars are used to support public schools in the commonwealth.

Pennsylvania can help seniors and working families having trouble paying their property taxes with better targeted strategies while still protecting critical investments in public education.

Done well, property tax reform can make it easier for Pennsylvania to finance our schools more equitably for both students and property owners. Done poorly, reform efforts could create larger inequities in the system and reduce school funding.

Sign on to Pa. Taxpayers for Good Public Schools Campaign

Additional Resources

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