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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Statement of Education Voters on City of Philadelphia funding for schools. 
Susan Gobreski, Executive Director 

Our children continue to be short-changed because of a failure to provide adequate resources to schools.  Without sufficient funding, our schools can't provide the basic programs and services our children need to have a good opportunity to learn. 

The responsibility to address this lies with both city and state officials. Although progress has been made, we are still not where we need to be in terms of adequate support for schools from either the city or the state.

The City of Philadelphia needs to find additional resources for schools and there is one thing that could happen right now: City Council can pass the sales tax extension for schools. Sixteen people have the power to make it happen, but really, we just need nine of them to act.  We can provide some security and stability to our children – if just a handful of members are willing to use their political capital to tell their Council President that they want a vote and then 9 people vote yes. Just 9 people have the power to deliver.

There are very few opportunities to do something this easy to make this much of a difference and we urge Council to make it happen before the winter is over.*  It will be very interesting to see who steps up at this point.

*The last day of winter in 2014 is March 19th. 

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