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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's illegal. Time to go to court...

This is wrong, it has been happening for years, and it is illegal.  Simply put, it is time to go to court. Around the state, our schools have not received adequate and equitable funding to meet our children's educational needs.  But our Constitution says “The General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance and support of a thorough and efficient system of public education to serve the needs of the Commonwealth.”

The state government is breaking it’s own law and our kids are suffering.

So we are asking people to join us in and sign this statement of support that says:

It is time for legal action against the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on behalf of kids, to force the state government to provide fair and adequate funding for public education.

This statement is just regular people saying that we believe it is time for legal action for a fair and adequate funding system for public education and to let the legal advocates know we agree it is time to seek a legal remedy.  Lawyers are reviewing the case now: we want to show strong support from across the Commonwealth - from all kinds of communities. We want them to know we agree that it has come to this. 

Click here to add your name in support of taking legal action (and use the comment section if you want to provide examples of how your kids, or your schools, are being affected by budget cuts).

Together we can put an end to this terrible cycle of inaction and fund our schools in a responsible and sane way. Thanks for making your voice heard on education.

By the way, we aren’t lawyers, but we can connect you with them if you would like to speak with someone. If you are interested in talking more about how your child has been harmed by budget cuts and want to speak to someone individually, please click here.

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