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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

We have a reason to celebrate!

This election was an important one with a lot at stake.  These past two years, education has faced a lot of challenges: the loss of crucial educational programs, drastic budget cuts, attempts to undermine public schools through privatization and diverting funds to other programs – even the very idea that every child deserves a free and appropriate education.  On Tuesday, voters across the Commonwealth made it clear that they want every kid in every community to have an opportunity to learn.  More and more, we are making education a top tier voting issue!

Education Voters Action Fund is proud to announce that, as of this morning, 20 of our 28 endorsed candidates have won, with 2 races still being resolved.  Education was a focal point in many of these races.  EVAF was talking to communities and to candidates to help ensure a robust dialogue about public priorities and how our decisions affect the quality of education.  In many more races education played a key role in debates, with candidates stating opposition to the extreme cuts; telling voters they will support community schools; trying to defend their positions on some of the controversial issues or justify some of their poor positions.  Some were taking a stand and pledging to fight for a better funding system with the resources needed to provide quality programs for all students.

The Senate now has 27 Republicans and 23 Democrats, with education supporters from both parties.  The House (at the time of this email) has 109 Republicans and 89 Democrats.

We would like to congratulate ALL of the pro-public education candidates – for running for public office and helping to present voters with a better understanding of the issues and for making a commitment to Pennsylvania’s students and our communities in their candidacy.  Our endorsed candidates are listed below with those who won in bold; you can also CLICK HERE to check out our elections website.  

By the way, we don’t make endorsements in every race, so you may not see your legislator on here as someone we supported or opposed.  We focus on a selection of races where there is a key contest and/or contrast between candidates and when legislators have championed a particular issue.  There are a few legislators who sought our endorsement but may not have been in a very competitive race.  In those cases, we review everything, and endorse when it seems appropriate; it is a great thing when legislators want to make sure they get the Education Voters Action Fund seal of approval!  If you want to know more about our perspective on your legislator, please email us here and we will follow up with you.  Better yet, plan to go meet with your representative and talk to them!  You can email us and we can assist you with that too.

SD-1, Sen. Larry Farnese (D); Philadelphia (incumbent)
SD-7, Sen. Vincent Hughes (D); Philadelphia (incumbent)
SD-15, Rob Teplitz (D); Dauphin County  (new to the legislature)
SD-17, Sen. Daylin Leach (D); Montgomery County (incumbent)
SD-31, Sen. Pat Vance (R); Cumberland County (incumbent)
SD-37, Matt Smith (D); Allegheny County (served as Representative, new to the Senate)
SD-47, Kim Villella (D); Beaver County
SD-49, Sean Wiley (D); Erie County (new to the legislature)

HD-7, Rep. Mark Longietti (D); Mercer County (incumbent)
HD-18, Rep. Gene Digirolamo (R); Bucks County (incumbent)
HD-22, Erin Molchany (D); Allegheny County (new to the legislature)
HD-29, Rep. Bernie O’Neill (R); Bucks County (incumbent)
HD-31, Rep. Steve Santarsiero (D); Bucks County (incumbent)
HD-39, Dave Levdansky (D); Allegheny County (race has not yet been called for either candidate)
HD-70, Rep Matt. Bradford (D); Montgomery County (incumbent)
HD-81, Rep. Mike Fleck (R); Huntingdon County (incumbent)
HD-89, Susan Spicka (D); Franklin County
HD-96; Mike Sturla (D); Lancaster County (incumbent)
HD-104, Chris Dietz (D); Dauphin County
HD-130, Russ Diesinger (D); Berks County
HD-131, Kevin Deely (D); Lehigh County  (race has not yet been called for either candidate)
HD-152, Thomas Murt (R); Montgomery County (incumbent)
HD-156, Bret Binder (D); Chester County
HD-157, Paul Drucker (D); Chester County
HD-163, Rep. Nick Micozzie (R); Delaware County (incumbent)
HD-166, Rep. Greg Vitali (D); Delaware County (incumbent)
HD-167, Rep. Duane Milne (R), Chester County (incumbent)
HD-188, Rep. Jim Roebuck (D); Philadelphia County (incumbent)

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