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Thursday, June 21, 2012

TAKE ACTION Against EISC and a Statewide Authorizer

On Monday, the House Education Committee will meet to review HB 2468, proposed legislation that would create a new Education Improvement Scholarship Credit (EISC). EISC would re-direct dollars away from revenue collections, therefore reducing the amount of revenue the Commonwealth has to use for programs and services. In addition, the proposal calls for an increase in the current EITC program from $75 million to $100 million next fiscal year and $200 million for subsequent years. That’s $450 million in tax credits over the next three years that would be taken out of our coffers, and directed to private schools, even as we cut current funding for our public schools, which serve the vast majority of our children. (Learn more about EISC HERE.)

Contact your legislator NOW! How can they divert more taxpayer dollars to private education when school districts are cutting out kindergarten? It is their constitutional obligation to provide every child in public school with a “thorough and efficient education”!

Also being negotiated with the budget is a bill focusing on “charter reform” (without the reform). It’s imperative that any charter reform bill includes actual reform to how charters are funded, increases accountability and DOES NOT include a statewide authorizer that will take away local authority and input.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Call and/or email your legislator and urge them to OPPOSE a statewide authorizer. We need REAL charter reform that can save money for our struggling school districts and also provide accountability for our tax dollars.

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