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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Statement from Education Voters of Pennsylvania on NAEP results

In response to the release of the new NAEP scores and the press conference held by Governor Rendell today, Education Voters issued a statement commenting on the direction of the legislature.

Susan Gobreski, Executive Director said:

“Imagine that. When we actually provide children with the opportunity to learn, they do. Imagine what the results would be if we’d provide the appropriate resources, including complete instructional programs and reasonable class size, for the entirety of a child’s education. Parents don’t want gimmicks and shortcuts – they want a quality public school in their community, where their child is safe, entitled to attend and getting the same quality education and opportunity as other kids. Yet, this legislature continues to distract itself with politically motivated, ideological, expensive and unproven schemes like vouchers. If they want voters to think they are doing something, they should be doing the real work of committing to a funding formula that: is based on what we want students to learn and actual costs, is fiscally responsible, predictable for communities and is both fair and ethical instead of political. We had a funding formula and it was working, until they threw it under the bus.

“We need to dedicate the resources to education if we want to protect our future. What most people who work for a living know, and our legislature doesn’t seem to realize, is that sometimes there are no shortcuts. You just have to do the work and pay the bills. If we want the educational results, we need to provide the resources. And look, this report shows that when we do it properly, we get results. It’s so simple, even our legislature should be able to do it.”

Education Voters of Pennsylvania is a non-profit, non-partisan advocacy organization who focuses on mobilizing Pennsylvanians and engaging voters to promote pro-public education agenda.

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