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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You can't "vouch" for this proposal!

Things are moving in Harrisburg - and for those of you who remember the notorious pay raise (when they voted themselves a pay raise late at night trying to pass it before a session deadline) we know we have to pay attention to what they are doing. Just yesterday, we sent you an alert regarding the budget but recently a new voucher threat has surfaced. In the past two days, two voucher bills have been introduced and there are rumors that there could a vote in the upcoming days. This process is moving quickly and we need to make sure your voices are heard by your legislators -- again!

We know that investments in schools get results so why are they a) cutting budgets and b) trying to pass a policy that is unproven and would direct money at just a small number of kids, instead of focusing on improving things for all kids.

Vouchers are bad policy:

  • They costs hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars, have not been proven to be successful and lack any accountability (fiscal or academic).
  • Voucher programs drain resources from public schools that are already hurting from massive state budget cuts.
  • Instituting a voucher program is a radical shift and should be considered separately from the budget; not agreed upon by a handful of legislators behind closed doors at the last minute, with no real public input or time for the policy to be reviewed and discussed.

Email AND call your legislator and tell them we cannot afford a new, unproven, and unaccountable school voucher program!

To learn more about vouchers, click here.

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