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Friday, June 17, 2011

We need a solution that fixes the problem...

Last week op-ed article by Sharon Kletzien and Larry Feinberg, explained how proponents of tuition vouchers erroneously promote the bill as a tool to help children in low-income families have a better education. I agree Sharon and Larry; SB 1 is not the answer.

Pennsylvania’s current funding system for public education is inequitable. A 2007 study showed that 474 out of PA’s 500 school districts are spending below the levels needed for their school to reach performance standards. On average, only 36% of education funding comes from the state which puts a lot of pressure on school districts to raise revenue locally. This puts a bind on school districts that have lower wealth to tax than other school districts.

If the General Assembly (and proponents of school vouchers) want to help children in low-income families have a better education, the why not come up with a solution that helps ALL children and not just a few (and those already enrolled in private school)? Let’s provide all children with a QUALITY education and fix the school funding formula

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