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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Early Education & Race to the Top

Federal officials announced last week that there will be a third round of funding for the Race to the Top program. Of the $700 million that will be awarded, $200 million will be used to improve k-12 education and $500 million will be awarded to states that plan to transform preschool programs and promote quality child-care.

The nine finalist states that did not win grants in the earlier rounds will be able to compete for the $200 million by resubmitting their applications. Pennsylvania has participated in the program’s two previous rounds and though it was a finalist, it was not one of the 12 states who were chosen to be funded.

The question now is whether Governor Corbett will submit any part of Pennsylvania’s original application in order to compete for the available federal dollars. In a Pittsburgh Tribute-Review article, the Corbett Administration stated that the Administration “was unsure whether the Commonwealth would apply for the new rounds of grants.” Again, the Governor wants to leave available funds on the table while implementing drastic education cuts that hurt our children and working families. Let us know what you think.


  1. I think we really need to show up June 6th and let the governor we FIRST AND FOREMOST invest in our children's education and not cut any more. Please sign up to attend June 6th at:

  2. It's painful to watch our education system pay the price for personal greed. Our elected officials continue to reject the notion that they must lead by example. How can politicians expect educators to pay for their health care, make less money, receive limited benefits, when they refuse to do the same. If sacrifices are necessary, there's no reason for not evenly distributed them among all state employee's, yes this includes politicians. I fear our system will remain seriously impaired, as long as money dictates our path. Our Decleration of Independence no longer guides our path, it has been replaced by the almighty dollar. God Save America.

  3. It's beyond ridiculous that the Corbett administration would consider NOT applying for the new round of Race to the Top grants -- especially with PA's submission coming close to winning a grant in earlier rounds. What could the possible excuse be? PA taxpayers are also US taxpayers, so in some sense this is our money, too -- why allow all of it to be spent improving educational quality in other states?

  4. This is what we voted for when we elected Corbett into office he did not pull any punches he said we needed cuts in education and we are getting them