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Friday, November 12, 2010

You Can Help 9,000 Pennsylvania Children Get a Head Start

Study after study has shown that early intervention is the best way to help kids succeed in school. So you’d think it would be a no-brainer for Congress to maintain funding for the Head Start program when it resumes on Monday, Nov. 15.

You would be wrong.

Congress is considering cuts to federally funded pre-school education programs. These cuts would leave 9,000 children in Pennsylvania and 300,000 children nationwide out in the cold.

But you can help.  Join Education Voters PAand Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children on Monday for a National Action Day.

We’re asking you to call Congress and tell them that these programs are vital for our country’s future.

Here’s what to do:
  1. Call 1-888-460-0813
  • The first person to answer the phone will be an operator who will ask how you want to be connected. Tell the operator the name of your Member of Congress. (Not sure? Look it up at the National Women's Law Center.
  1. Once you are connected to the office of your Member of Congress, a staff person will answer the phone. Tell the staff person: My name is XXXX and I am calling from (city, state) and I am (your role).
  2. Tell the staff person:
    “Don’t drop 300,000 children from child care and Head Start. Make sure that funding for the Child Care and Development Block Grant and Head Start is NOT REDUCED in the appropriations bill and that the Early Learning Challenge Fund is included. We are counting on you here in Pennsylvania. Thank you.”
Then, hang up and ask five friends or coworkers to make a call as well.
Just last month, a Pennsylvania Department of Education report noted that more than 98 percent of the children in pre-k programs like Head Start showed "age-appropriate or emerging age-appropriate proficiency" in literacy, numeracy and social skills. The children then continued to perform as well as or better than their classmates in kindergarten and first grade.

These children are depending on you.  Don’t let them down.  On Monday morning, make that call!

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