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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We Endorse Dan Onorato for Governor

We believe that Dan Onorato is the candidate who is best equipped to create a brighter future for the students, parents, educators and communities of Pennsylvania as our next governor.

Education Voters conducted a detailed analysis of the policy positions of both major-party candidates.  While Attorney General Tom Corbett’s campaign has taken promising positions on certain issues, we concluded that Onorato would do more as governor to provide all Pennsylvania children with the education needed for their own success, and for the success of the entire commonwealth.

We view Dan Onorato is the education candidate. We are dedicated to putting pro-public education candidates into office, and Dan is committed to promoting equity and improving achievement in Pennsylvania’s schools, while relieving the burden on local property taxpayers.

Onorato proposed a detailed policy agenda aimed at improving virtually all areas of public education, including funding, teacher quality, school safety and access to early childhood and post-secondary educational opportunities.  Onorato has also displayed a clear understanding of the positive economic effects of improving public education and supports the idea that targeted investments in our schools can create a smoother path to recovery from the recession.

Our next governor must understand that the best thing we can do for our state’s economy is to make sure that our kids get a quality education, This year’s graduates will be entering a rocky job market or going through a competitive college admission process.  The next governor has an obligation to those kids, and it’s clear that Dan Onorato can live up to that promise.

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